2012 October

Wow – can’t believe it’s October already!  Lots to update members on since our last e-newsletter in late June.  We are pleased to welcome Jennifer Buchanan and Debbie Millette to the BC Producers’ Branch.  Jennifer has assumed the role of Manager, Industrial Relations and Member Services and Debbie started September 4th as our Administrative Coordinator.  Very exciting to be back up to a full staff team!  One of our goals each year in industry development is to create opportunities for members in new international markets and to that end we are coordinating a BC-UK Co-Production Forum in London/Manchester in Feb 2013 – more details and application form can be found in the Industry Development Section.  We are also pleased to be co-presenting our third Merging+Media Conference later this month.  Christine has some amazing speakers / panelsists coming and there is a full slate of broadcasters participating as well.  This event has emerged as the leading “cross-media/convergence” conference in Vancouver that rivals Toronto’s X-Summit and the UK’s Convergence Summit in terms of quality of speakers and networking opportunities available.  CMPA members get a 25% discount!  See details later in newsletter.

Where did summer go?  There was UBCP bargaining in LA and a trip to the Banff Media Festival (always informative and exciting) in June, new staff to train in July, a few weeks off in August and a three week road trip in September to attend meetings/bargaining prep in Toronto, then to Halifax to attend the Strategic Partners conference (co-production meetings), then onto Montreal for the last round of WGC bargaining.  Now here we are close to Thanksgiving with lots of news to share.

IR Staff news 
On July 9th, 2012 Jennifer Buchanan joined the CMPA BC as our Manager of Industrial Relations and Member Services.  Jennifer can be reached at jennifer.buchanan@cmpa.ca or give her a call at (604) 682-8619 x223.

Linda Hay also joined the CMPA – BC Branch IR team over the summer.  Linda is working part-time for us as an IR Consultant and also managing a few special projects we have on the go in the office.

Labour Negotiations
We reached a deal in principle with the WGC for a new IPA on Sept. 21, 2012 (see press release on the cmpa.ca website).  The 2010-2011 IPA expired on December 31, 2011 (the terms of which are still in effect).   We expect a ratification of the new agreement in November, 2012 so if you have productions that straddle October/November or have a production starting after mid-November please make sure to give me a call with any questions regarding pending increases to fees and fringes for WGC members.  We will make the details of the deal public for all once the terms of the new IPA have been ratified.

We are still in negotiations with UBCP.  Although we have bargained and agreed on some substantial issues to date, we have been unable to reach agreement on a few important points.  We are hoping to get back to the table soon however – so watch this space.  In the meantime the current rates in the 2009-2012 UBCP Master Agreement apply.  Again – if you have a production which straddles Nov/Dec 2012 or are thinking you may go into production in early 2013 please give me a call at the office to discuss.

The ACFC agreement expires on December 31, 2012.  We have struck a bargaining committee and are preparing proposals now.  Dates for bargaining are set for the third week of October so we hope to conclude a deal at that time.  I will update you all in our December edition of the blog.

Jennifer and I will be attending the ACTRA bargaining set for Toronto Oct 30th through Nov 2nd.  This will be the first round of negotiations with ACTRA for the terms of a new IPA to replace the expiring 2010 – 2012 agreement.  Reynolds Mastin will be Lead Negotiator for the CMPA on the ACTRA file.

We (the CMPA BC and the AMPTP) continue to work with WorkSafeBC and all interested parties to resolve the difficulties Producers are encountering in trying to get 100% WCB coverage for all employees on a production.  At our most recent meeting with the WorkSafe staff on Oct. 1, 2012 we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the process to apply for coverage now used in Alberta.  We will propose a policy change along the same lines with the needs of BC Producers in mind.  The proposal will be put before the WCB Board of Directors in late October and we hope to hear back from them by late November.  For further detail on the changes to coverage policies at WorkSafeBC please visit our recently published CMPA WorkSafeBC Tool Kit here.

Until next time,


BC Film + Media Info Session Bob Wong and staff held an information session for CMPA members at the our office in August. BCFM staff reviewed programs to be launched in 2012/13 and spoke to recent changes in tax credits around copyright on interprovincial co-productions. More detailed info can be found on their website here.

Michael Hennessy in Vancouver We were pleased to welcome CMPA President and CEO Michael Hennessy to Vancouver on September 24 for his first official ‘meet and greet’ with BC Members.  Michael presented an overview of key industry issues and outlined the CMPA’s National priorities for 2012/13.  We will see Michael again soon at the Merging Media Conference where he is participating on a panel and moderating an industry roundtable.

Don’t forget to check out Michael’s blog  Digital Orphans where he kick-starts a conversation about the importance of ensuring that Canada doesn’t fall behind, or at least farther behind, in the global digital economy. Blog entries can be found here.

2013 Branch Council Elections In early November members will receive voting packages for the upcoming election of the next BC Branch Council for 2013. In advance of this, members will have the opportunity to nominate a member for consideration and a call for nominations form will be circulated.  This year’s BC Nominating Committee is made up of Jayme Pfahl (Gang of 2), Kim Roberts (Sepia Films) and Elyot Waller (Nerd Corps).

Strategic Review of Screen-Based Industries in British Columbia
This summer, the Province launched the first ever review of the economic impact of the screen-based industries in BC including film, television, interactive media, VFX/animation and gaming.  Thanks to all of you who participated in a survey to gather employment and sales figures that will compliment BC Stats data. This larger screen-based review will include data on the film and television industry gathered as part of an Economic Impact Study already commissioned by CMPA-BC and MPPIA.

Creative BC – Creative Industries Coalition
Following the release of the “From the Margins to the Mainstream: Moving BC’s Creative Industries Forward” Discussion Paper, the CMPA-BC, Music BC, the Association of Book Publishers of BC and the Magazine Association of BC have met with NDP Culture Critic Spencer Chandra Herbert, Finance Critic Bruce Ralston and Former Leader Carole James.  In addition, the coalition met with members of the BC Film + Media Board of Directors and was asked to present at a meeting of the BC unions/guilds. A meeting has been requested with new Culture Minister Bill Bennett and the group continues to work on proposed program areas and budget for Creative BC – an economic development agency for BC’s creative industries.  A copy of the Creative Industries Discussion Paper can be found here.

CRTC Submission re: CBC Licence Renewal
CBC’s Licence Renewal Hearing is set for November 19th and CMPA-BC partnered with BC Film + Media to make a submission to the CRTC raising issues with respect to the CBC’s recent poor performance in commissioning independent production in BC.  A copy of our submission can be found here.

Broadcasters to share their 2013 plans at Merging Media Conference 2012! (October 25-26, 2012) Broadcasting Execs speaking at Merging Media 2012’s “Digital Directions: Broadcaster’s spotlight” panel will share hot interactive strategies that have been successful on their Networks this past year and will reveal their plans for 2013! Here’s your chance to learn first hand what these broadcasters are looking out for to feature on their channels next year. Participating at the Merging Media 2012 Conference presented by CMPA-BC and Merging Media Productions are:

They will be among more than 40 top media professionals and cross-media gurus from the US, UK and Canada, who will grace the stage to discuss and showcase the best and brightest 360 and transmedia strategies and trends from across the globe.
CMPA members get an exclusive 25% off 2-day passes for this not to be missed event. Sign up today at www.mergingmedia.ca with PROMO CODE : CMPA25

BC-UK Co-Production Forum (February 3-7, 2013)

CMPA-BC is coordinating a co-production forum in the UK for BC TV drama producers.  Programming is now being developed with a UK based consultant with dates set for Feb 3-7, 2013. The Forum will include case studies, broadcaster briefings, and one-on-one meetings with UK producers and broadcasters. We are thankful to BC Film + Media, BC Film Commission and MPPIA for their financial assistance.  Companies interested in participating can download a Producer Expression of Interest Form here.

CMPA Delegation to Argentina (November 30 – December 4, 2012)

Deadline to apply: Monday, October 8

The CMPA, in collaboration with Hot Docs, is organizing a trade-focused delegation to Argentina from November 30 to December 4, 2012 (exclusive of travel dates). Up to eight producers will be given the opportunity to fully participate in the Ventana Sur film market and Doc Buenos Aires, including conference panels, business to business meetings and a number of networking events. Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest economy, the fourth largest world producer of original TV formats and the leading exporter in Latin America. With a growing film and TV Industry, Argentina has the highest concentration of indie studios in Latin America, and houses outputs for the likes of Disney, Fox Television, Endemol and MTV Networks. It is a viable market in its own right and can also open doors to the rest of the Latin American market – a market with a combined value of approximately $50B. Financial assistance will be available to help offset a portion of travel and accommodation expenses. Please complete and return this statement of interest to participate as a delegate by 5 p.m. EDT, Monday October 8, 2012. For any questions, please contact Susanne Vaas by e-mail at susanne.vaas@cmpa.ca or by phone at 1-800- 656-7440 ext. 337.

Whistler Film Festival:  SPECIAL PARTNER ORGANIZATION MEMBER OFFER (November 28- December 2)

The Whistler Film Festival + Summit is pleased to offer members of the  Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) a special 20% discount on Industry Passes to attend. Member organization rates are available until November 23.

Please share the attached document with your members for information on the various pass types. The promo code listed below is for your members only and must be kept secure and only provided to those members inquiring about the offer.

Promo Code: CMPA2012

Once you enter this code, you will be able to enter the pass type you wish to purchase. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will confirm your pass along with pass number.


Best accommodation rates are now available starting from $79* per night until November 8. The Westin Whistler Resort & Spa is the official host hotel. WFF has several accommodation partners to choose from and our partner Whistler.com can assist in finding the one that’s right for you. Book today!

October 24 – 29 Merging + Media 2012 – Vancouver, BC

October 31 – November 2 American Film Market – Santa Monica, CA

November 28 – December 2 Whistler Film Festival – Whistler, BC

For staff contact details, please visit the CMPA webiste.

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