CMPA-BC Producer’s Branch June 2012 E-Update

June 2012 – Volume 5

As staff prepare to head to a National Board meeting and the Banff World Media Festival, here’s an update on what we’ve been up to since our March edition.  You will see that we continue to be active in all areas of our operations – industrial relations, government relations, and member services/industry development. I wanted to bring to your attention a request that you will be receiving from the consulting firm Nordicity to participate in a survey as part of the Strategic Review of Screen-Based Industries in BC. This review is being conducted by the Province in partnership with CMPA-BC and other industry stakeholders. I would encourage all members to participate to ensure the best data possible is collected. More on this study in the Government Relations section of this update.

Spring has finally sprung for 2012 and with better weather comes news of changes in CMPA staff both in theVancouveroffice and on the national front, a ratified three year agreement with the BC Council of Film Unions and confirmation of upcoming dates for the continuation of bargaining with UBCP and the WGC.

Industrial Relations staff changes/departures:

Long time staff member Robyne Switzer (IR & Operations Coordinator) left the CMPA-BC in late March, 2012.  Robyne will be heading off-shore this summer to take a job in administration with a major cruise line.  We wish Robyne bon voyage and thank her for all of her efforts during her 10 years at the CMPA-BC.

Reynolds Mastin (formerly Counsel for the CMPA) was appointed Chief Negotiator and Chief Legal Officer for the CMPA and with the assistance of Warren Ross and Carol Anne DaCosta in the Toronto office, will be carrying on with a busy bargaining schedule starting in the fall of 2012.

BCCFU Master Agreement 2012 – 2015

The three Council member unions (IA891, Teamsters Local 155 and IA669) and the Negotiating Producer (the CMPA-BC and the AMPTP) renewed the Master Agreement for another three years and ratified terms as of February 28th, 2012.  The full revised agreement has been drafted and we are doing last touches before sending to the Council for publication.  In the meantime please go to the Council website for a copy of the MOU and the 2012 – 2015 rate schedules.

UBCP Master Production Agreement

We will reconvene in Los Angeles June 4-8 in order to continue bargaining with the Union of BC Performers.


The CMPA will reconvene with the WGC in early September, 2012 to continue bargaining the IPA.  In the meantime all Producers should be using the rates as set out in the Jan/10 – Dec/11 IPA.  Note: If an increase to the rates is negotiated and confirmed in the fall of 2012 new rates could be in effect in late 2012.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

That’s it for now everyone.  Please make sure to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached at the coordinates listed at the very bottom of this E-Update, in our Contact section.


Telefilm Canada Development Program

In response to proposed changes to the Development Program at TelefilmCanada, CMPA-BC convened a meeting of feature film producers to discuss the potential impacts.  Based on the issues raised at the meeting, CMPA-BC wrote a letter to Telefilm Executive Director Carole Brabant outlining the CMPA-BC’s concerns about the impact of the changes on BC producers and the BC industry.  A copy of our letter and Telefilm’s response can be found here:

CMPA Letter

Telefilm Response

Terms of Trade Updates

BC members have had the opportunity to attend Vancouversessions in both March and April with Reynolds Mastin, the lead CMPA member of the Terms of Trade negotiating team.  Reynolds was able to provide an update on what is and isn’t working in this first Terms of Trade agreement between the CMPA and private broadcasters Astral Television Networks, Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, Rogers Broadcasting and Shaw Media.  The negotiating team continues to with the private broadcasters to resolve ongoing issues.


Provincial Expert Panel on Business Taxation 

BC’s Minister of Finance announced in January 2012 the appointment of an expert panel to provide analysis and recommendations to the Province on business tax competitiveness and administrative improvements to streamline the PST.  The mandate of the panel is to consult with various industries impacted by the reimplementation of the PST and to come back to government with revenue neutral recommendations.  The CMPA-BC (Brian Hamilton, Elyot Wallerand Liz Shorten) appeared before the Expert Panel on Friday June 1st and made the following recommendations:

1) Review the existing tax credit programs to ensure they are keeping pace with the rapidly changing nature of these sectors.

2) Take immediate steps to mitigate the impact of the PST by announcing that the film and television industry will be treated as a manufacturer and therefore be PST exempt.

3) Introduce a financial incentive to trigger high budget Canadian dramatic and/or animated series.

4) Include writer’s fees as eligible expenses under Film Incentive BC to make our program more competitive and in line with programs offered in other jurisdictions.

A copy of our full submission can be downloaded here. 


Creative Industries Coalition Launches Strategic Report

On April 26 CMPA-BC and partner industry associations MusicBC, the Association of BC Book Publishers and the Magazines Association of BC launched “From the Margins to the Mainstream: Moving BC’s Creative Industries Forward”.  The report speaks to the $4.0 Billion economic contribution made by the creative industries and asks to be recognized alongside other industry sectors.  It recommends adopting a cross-sectoral approach to the creative sector in BC, asks government to set up a cross-ministry provincial secretariat, and fund a “BC Media Development Corporation” entity.  The launch received extensive media coverage including an editorial in Saturday’s Vancouver Sun which can be downloaded here.

The full report can be accessed here.

(From left to right) CMPA-BC’s Liz Shorten with Sylvia Skene of the Magazine Association of BC, Susan Brinton, Bob D’Eith of Music BC and Margaret Reynolds from the Association of Book Publishers of BC.













Strategic Review of Screen-Based Industries in British Columbia

The Province has launched the first ever review of the economic impact of the screen-based industries in BC including film, television, interactive media, VFX/animation and gaming.  Other partners in the review include Vancouver Economic Commission, CMPA-BC,MPPIA,BCFilm + Media and Wavefront.

CMPA member companies will be asked to participate in a survey to gather employment and sales figures that will compliment BC Stats data. This larger review will include data on the film and television industry gathered as part of the Economic Impact Study already commissioned by CMPA-BC and MPPIA.


Western Canada Reception at Banff (June 12, 2012)

All BC members registered for the Banff World Media Festival should have received an invitation to a networking reception we are co-hosting on June 12th from 4:30 – 5:30pm with the industry associations from Alberta (AMPIA), Saskatchewan (SMPIA) and Manitoba (On Screen Manitoba).  The invitation list targeted key visiting international broadcasters and producers.  The reception invite can be downloaded here.


In Conversation with Feature Film Producer Ted Hope (June 27, 2012)

DON’T MISS THIS!  Award-winning US feature producer Ted Hope (In the Bedroom, 21 Grams, The Savages) will be in Vancouver on June 27for a CMPA-BC organized “in conversation” session with Producer Trish Dolman.  Ted is participating as an industry mentor at Whistler’s GO WEST Producer Lab and as part of our sponsorship we have scheduled him for a session with BC feature film members – space is limited to 15 producers.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Liz at


UK TV Immersion

As part of our efforts to expand into international markets, we are working with BC Film+Media to develop a BC producer immersion to theUKthis Fall.  Our intention is to update producers on recent proposed changes to theUK’s tax incentives with respect to dramatic and animated television series and build co-production relationships withUKcompanies.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Opening the Book on Film 3

After two successful conferences in 2008 and 2009 bringing film and television and book publishing industry representatives together, we are working with BC Film+Media and the Association of BC Book Publishers to offer our third event in Spring 2013.  This will be a day long session with opportunities for business to business meetings and networking. In the meantime, check out this micro-site targeted for producers and agents focusing on Books to Screen:


Merging + Media Update

SAVE THE DATE! Our third annual Merging Media Conference and Master Class will take place on Thursday October 25 and Friday October 26, 2012. We are currently securing event sponsorship and Christine is working hard on closing the programming.  Video’s of last year’s excellent panels and speakers can be found at the Merging Media Library:


June 21 Whistler Film Festival On Location Fundraiser – Vancouver, BC


June 25 The MPPIA Stephen J. Cannell Classic Film Industry Golf Tournament – Vancouver, BC


July 13 Victoria Film Festival: Call for Entries! – Victoria, BC


September 6-16 Toronto International Film Festival –Toronto, ON

September 26 – September 28 27th edition of the Film & TV – Vancouver, BC

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Liz Shorten
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Gigi Boyd
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