CMPA-BC Producer’s Branch March 2012 E-Update

March 2012 – Volume 4

As staff prepares to head to our Prime Time Conference this week we wanted to send this update to let you know what we’ve been up to over the past few months.  It’s been a busy time as we continue to be active in all areas of our operations – industrial relations, government relations, and member services/industry development.  In particular, I’d like to highlight the info below about a special discounted CMPA rate for Banff and also note that new information regarding membership rates and renewals is scheduled to come your way in March.

Welcome to 2012 everyone.  The BC Industrial Relations team is carrying on where we left off in December with a busy bargaining schedule lined up for the New Year.  Some of the highlights follow.

BCCFU Master Agreement 2012-2015

In early January we were back in Los Angeles to conclude bargaining with the BC Council of Film Unions.

An agreement was reached between the CMPA, the AMPTP and the BC Council of Film Unions on January 10, 2012.  The MOU has been drafted and language agreed upon.  The BCCFU is recommending ratification to their membership (approval of the deal is required by two of the three Council member unions).   The MOU was sent out to the Council membership on Jan. 26, 2012 and the results are expected by Feb. 28, 2012.

Highlights of the wages and fringes package below:

Agreed wage & fringe package 2012-2015


April 1, 2012 – Mar 30, 2013


Mar 31, 2013 – Mar 29, 2014


Mar 30, 2014 – Mar 31, 2015

WAGES 2% increase 2% increase 2% increase
FRINGES 0% increase 0.5% increase 0.5% increase

Please note:  Contained within the Supplemental Master Agreement are many discounts and/or freezes on wages and fringes for productions under $14.0M.  Once the deal is ratified we will send out details to our members.

UBCP Master Production Agreement

The IR Team will be travelling to Los Angeles for June 4 – 8, 2012 for further bargaining with the Union of BC Performers.  We look forward to meeting our colleagues again and will be meeting with the UBCP Negotiating Committee through the spring to review the proposal package and give any updates.

UBCP Animation Agreement

We meet with our Negotiating Committee the week of Feb 20th and will propose bargaining dates to the UBCP after our meeting.  We are looking at May, 2012 dates for bargaining.


We will meet the WGC again in the summer to return to the bargaining table and hopefully conclude negotiations on the new IPA.    We will be focusing particularly on Animation, Bibles, Credit Arbitration, Options and Digital Production.

Upcoming events:

Robyne and I will be attending Primetime in OttawaFeb 29 – March 2, 2012.  Hope to see many of you there.  It promises to be another illuminating and exciting three days with the best minds in the business on the panels and in the audience.

Get in touch anytime with questions and let us know if you are having issues with any of the BC labour contracts. We want to hear from you.

Best to all – Robyne and Gigi

CMPA Discount for Banff World Media Festival Registration

SAVE ON REGISTRATION ($100-300 until April 13th 2012)
The Banff World Media Festival brings together the leaders of the media industry to the heart of the Canadian Rockies. BANFF is the ideal place to make new contacts, find production partners and green-light new projects. This intimate space allows for unparalleled access and networking opportunities, pre-booked Face-to-Face meetings with over a 150 world renowned Development Executives. The BANFF program features comprehensive sessions addressing the most critical issues facing the television and digital media industries, keynotes from industry leaders, panel discussions, forecasts, celebrity Master Classes, case studies, key strategy sessions and more.  For a limited time only, CMPA members receive an exclusive rate of $1,195 ($100 off the kick-off rate and $300 off the early-bird). Register NOW to take advantage of this opportunity that expires April 13, 2012.

Terms of Trade Sessions (March 12)

April 1st will mark the one-year anniversary of the signing of the first Terms of Trade agreement between the CMPA and private broadcasters Astral Television Networks, Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, Rogers Broadcasting and Shaw Media.  As with any new deal, there have been a few bumps in the road as producers, broadcasters and industry stakeholders try to figure out what Terms of Trade means for them.

The CMPA-BC would like to invite you to a session ­with Reynolds Mastin, CMPA Counsel and member of the Terms of Trade negotiating team, where he will update you on recent Terms of Trade developments, as well as answer your questions and get your feedback about what’s working and what’s not under the Agreement.  While both sessions are intended for producers-only, both CMPA and non-CMPA members are welcome to attend.

DATE/TIMES:  Monday, March 12, 12:00 -1:30pm (lunch provided) OR 3:30 – 5:00pm

LOCATION: CMPA-BC, 736 Granville Street, Suite 600

Please RSVP and indicate which session you intend to participate in to


Proposed Tax Credit Changes re: Interprovincial Co-productions Announced in 2012 Provincial Budget

Film Incentive BC Tax Credits for Eligible Interprovincial Co-productions Allowed Under the Film Incentive BC tax credit, interprovincial co-productions are subject to a reduction in the credit when corporations own less than 100 per cent of the copyright. This copyright grind is removed and copyright ownership requirements for interprovincial co-productions are amended for productions with principal photography starting on or after January 1, 2012.  Information can also be found on the BC Government webpage where proposed changes are outlined.

This change was included in the recommendations presented by the CMPA as part of the Pre-Budget Consultation Process.  While it is disappointing that all of our recommendations were not implemented, the CMPA Government Relations Committee remains active and is working with government and the opposition to address the competitive challenges BC producers currently face.

Economic Impact Study

CMPA-BC and MPPIA have engaged national consulting firm Nordicity Group Ltd to prepare an analysis of the economic impact of film and television production in British Columbia. This study will provide a much needed, up-to-date measure of the contribution the industry makes to BC’s economy and the provincial treasury and will include key economic indicators: employment levels, GDP and direct and indirect tax revenues. A comprehensive study of this kind has not been undertaken in BC since 2005.

Provincial Tax Competitiveness Panel 

BC’s Minister of Finance announced in January the appointment of an expert panel to provide analysis and recommendations to the Province on business tax competitiveness and administrative improvements to streamline the PST.  Part of the mandate of the panel is to consult with various industries impacted by the reimplementation of the PST and CMPA-BC is already on the list to be included in this work.  A sub-committee of the BC members was struck to identify issues and work on the presentation materials.  If you are interested in participating please contact Liz.



Merging + Media Update

Exclusive 30% Discount for CMPA Members to Merging Media’s Access 360!
CMPA-BC is delighted to partner Merging Media Productions to present its Spring program – MM ACCESS360 WORKSHOPS: a double bill to “INCREASE YOUR ROI USING SOCIAL MEDIA + GAMIFICATION” on March 23! This power packed monetization workshop will help keep you on the cutting edge and enhance your online strategies. CMPA members get an exclusive 30% off the full day pass!

This unique event features not just 1 industry expert, but 2 – in the fields of Social Media and Gamification, to keep you updated on the latest creative trends and online business strategies and provide some valuable advice on your own projects! Vancouver favourite Rochelle Grayson teams up with Seattle Gamification Guru Scott Dodson to deliver the goods! Check out the full-day agenda HERE and register at



March 5 Hot Docs ‘Doc Summit’ Proposals due – Vancouver, BC

March 8-11 7th Annual Vancouver Women in Film Festival –Vancouver, BC

March 9-17 South by Southwest Film Festival –Austin, TX 

March 23 Merging Media Access 360 –Vancouver, BC

March 30 Crazy8s 2012 Gala Event –Vancouver, BC

April 1 Vancouver Queer Film Festival Final Submissions due –Vancouver, BC

April 1-4 MIPTV –Cannes, France

April 17-22 Projecting Change 2012 Film Festival –Vancouver, BC

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Liz Shorten
Managing Vice President, Operations and Member Services
Extension 222;

Gigi Boyd
Vice President, Industrial Relations
Extension 224;

Robyne Switzer
Industrial Relations & Operations Coordinator
Extension 223;

Mélanie Lê Phan
Administrative Assistant
Extension 221;


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