Note to CMPA-BC Members: March 8, 2011

Dear CMPA-BC Members:

Government Relations Update

We are pleased to report that Provincial Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Stephanie Cadieux accepted our invitation to visit the set of the television series “Mr Young” this past Friday. Thanks to producers Victoria Hirst, Lisa Richardson and Michael Shepard for helping provide the Minister with a better sense of the domestic industry and the creative and economic impact of a BC owned series.  With the new BC Liberal Cabinet soon to be announced on March 14th, it will be interesting to see if Minister Cadieux remains in her portfolio. See attached photo of tour participants!

Rob Bromley and I are meeting this week with MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, Provincial NDP Culture Critic in advance of sending our briefing note on the BC Creative Entertainment Economy to all BC NDP Leadership Candidates. This is a version of the same document previously submitted to the BC Liberals – attached again for your review. CMPA-BC Note for Leadership Candidates

Upcoming industry initiatives to consider:

CMPA-BC’s Merging Media Transmedia Seminar + Lab (April 28-29, 2011)

International Transmedia expert Anita Ondine kicks off our 2011 Merging Media Program with this engaging Seminar and Lab, presented by Merging Media Productions Inc and the CMPA-BC Producer’s Branch. Fresh from the renowned “Binger Filmlab” workshops in Europe and “Transmedia Next” event in London, UK, Anita will present a 1/2 day public Seminar at the Vancity Theatre on April 28 as well as a 2-day Transmedia Lab (for 20 select participants only*) on April 28 and 29.  More details can be found here: Merging Media Transmedia Seminar

Praxis Story Editor Internship 2011 – Now accepting applications

The Praxis Story Editor Internship presents an opportunity to analyze story, character, genre and theme, while developing the interpersonal skills required in guiding creative work and mediating between writer and producer.  Accomplished screenwriters and industry professionals work with our interns, providing their professional insight into developing the skills required to professionally analyze screenplays.  More information can be found here: Praxis 2011 Story Editor Internship 

Producers Workbook Workshop – Women in Film and Television Vancouver

This two-day workshop for emerging and established producers alike provides a step-by-step journey through the often mystical process of filmmaking in Canada, with a focus on the business, legal and practical elements of filmmaking.   Led by industry professionals, the workshop is an excellent opportunity for new filmmakers to learn the building blocks of a production, while more seasoned producers will benefit from advice on taking their projects to the next level. Purchase of the Producers Workbook 4 is highly recommended.  More info and registration details here: or view the 2011 Producer Workbook 4 Workshop flyer

Until next time…

Liz Shorten
Managing Vice-President, Operations and Member Services
Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA) – BC

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