Advocacy Update – August 27, 2010

Dear BC Members:

The CMPA-BC has embarked on its own strategic and coordinated government relations program to address issues related to domestic production including the recent decline in production activity.  The following is an update on activities over the past months:

  • Engaged a Government Relations and Public Affairs firm (April  2010)
  • Held a Strategic Planning Session of BC Branch Council to guide government relations activities (May 2010)
  • Developed and submitted a comprehensive Government submission from the CMPA-BC calling for necessary changes, investments and adjustments to current film/tv policies and programs (June 2010)
  • Developed and enhanced government and political relationships: (January – August 2010)
  • Held meetings with key elected officials and public servants, including the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Minister for Citizens’ Services, MLA’s with significant film activity in their constituencies, and relevant Deputy Ministers and their staff.
  • Attended key political events including the Annual Premier’s Dinner fundraiser.

The BC Branch Council and staff continue to press for meetings with Ministers Hansen (Finance), Krueger (Culture) and Black (Small Business, Technology and Economic Development) and are seeking a response to our June submission.  In addition, we continue to participate in the government relations work of MPPIA-BC.

I will update members on advocacy activities and issues as the information is available and I welcome your input at any time.


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